They say you should never take work home with you, but when it comes to our client, Michelin starred chef Ollie Dabbous, I will always be prepared to break that rule.

IMG_3343Ollie was asked to take part in a recipe shoot for The Times which would showcase one of his seasonal standouts.
Because the kitchen at Ollie’s restaurant, Dabbous, is so incredibly busy over the bustling Christmas period, I offered my home as a stand-in.

We all had great fun as Ollie, kitted out in his customary white t-shirt and blue striped apron, cooked up a brilliant feast.
Once the photographer had finished we were allowed to tuck into his amazing creations. The Buttered Kale with Toasted Chestnuts & Nutmeg was seriously tasty, so much so that I later sent the recipe to my mom in America (where we are heading off to spend the holiday season) asking if she could include it on her Christmas Day menu.

Also incredible was Ollie’s Lacquered Goose with Honey & Caraway. The warming, earthiness of the spice added a whole new dimension to the bird, deliciously counterbalancing the rich fattiness of the meat and making the taste buds tingle. Wow. No wonder this was the dish ultimately chosen by the editorial team.

You can check out the recipe – and perhaps try it yourself – in today’s Times (19th December).

Written by Jori White